Traffic Sign Quality Guarantee


More Than a Printer

It is a traffic sign production process designed and backed by Avery Dennison. Professional on-site installation, system training and support is standard with each TrafficJet Print System order. Online how-to videos and support guides are available on the TrafficJet™ 101 page. Avery Dennison is the single point of contact for all technical support including the printer, sheeting, overlay films, inks, warranties and service.

The Avery Dennison TrafficJet CMSpot6™ Warranty

• Permanent Regulated Signs
• Temporary Traffic Signs
• Non-regulated Signs
• Long Term Regulated Traffic Signs
• All Sheeting Colors - All Embedded Colors
• OL-1000 or OL-2000 Overlaminate
• T-6500 HIP 10 Years
• T-11500 OmniCube 12 years (10 years custom colors)

Same Warranted Durability as Screen Printing and Computer Cut Overlay Films

Avery Dennison TrafficJet™ ink is the only ink guaranteed to meet the reflectivity, color, and durability requirements for traffic/permanent applications and work zone control devices when applied to Avery Dennison retroreflective sheetingsA. The digital inks referenced in this document are the only inks covered by the warranty. Please reference the retroreflective sheeting product data bulletins for the series of base sheeting being used.

Warranted outdoor durability for permanent traffic signs printed with TrafficJet™ TJ01 Yellow, TJ03 Black, TJ05 Blue, TJ07 Green, TJ08 Red, TJ09 Brown, and TJ27 Worboy Green ink with OL-1000 or OL-2000 overlay:

Series ASTM Type Europe Years
T-1500A/D I EN12899, RA1 7
T-2000 I CUAP, RA1 7
T-6000 IV ECE SB-250, RA2/R2 Table 7 10
T-7000 VIII CUAP, R3B 10
T-9000 IX ASTM Type IX 12
T-11000 XI CUAP, R3B Table 12, ECE SB-250, Table 3A  12

Warranted outdoor durability for temporary work zone signs printed with TrafficJet™ TJ03 Black Ink without overlay:

Series Years
W-2500 3
W-6000 3
W-7000 3
W-9000 3
W-11000 3
WR-6100 3
WR-7100 3

Warranted outdoor durability for process colors made with CMSpot6 and OL-1000 or OL-2000 overlay:

Series Years
T-1500D 7
T-2000 7
T-6000 10
T-7000 10
T-9000 10
T-11000 10

AASTM D-4956 does not specifically address the requirements of inks and overlay films.  Many government agencies have a requirement that inks and overlay films used in sign production meet 70% of the reflectivity level of the manufactured colored sheeting.  All digital inks, overlay films, and screen print inks approved for application to Avery Dennison retroreflective sheetings are formulated to comply with this requirement.


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