Certified Digital Traffic Converter Program

Join the CDTC Program

Not all digital print platforms produce specification-compliant signage. Demonstrate your commitment to quality by joining the Certified Digital Traffic Converter (CDTC) program. 

Provide your customers the confidence that you are using a leading digital print system designed to produce the highest-quality specification-compliant traffic signs warranted by Avery Dennison.

CDTC members receive the following:

  • Printable digital certificate

  • Certificate of conformance confirming the active status 

  • Access to technical, marketing, and regulatory tools to leverage your TrafficJet advantage

The Certified Digital Traffic Converter (CDTC) program is currently available to our US and Canadian converter partners who own a TrafficJet™ Print System that an Avery Dennison-certified technician professionally installed. Learn more about the program in this FAQ or reach out to your Avery Dennison representative.

Purchasing traffic signs?

As an agency or municipality purchasing finished signs, how can you be assured that you are dealing with an expert fabricator capable of producing compliant and durable traffic signage? Purchase signs from our certified converters by adding the following language to your next purchasing contract: 

“Signs shall be produced by a CDTC™, or equal, converter certified by the reflective sheeting manufacturer. A valid certification of conformance showing the converter has been audited by the sheeting manufacturer and is capable of producing digitally printed compliant traffic signs shall be made available upon request.”


CDTC Member  Website Phone
Centerline Supply translineinc.com (800) 321-1751
Granite Construction Supply  graniteconstruction.com (425) 551-3121
Highway Supply highwaysupply.net (505) 345-8295
Interstate Highway Sign nterstatesignways.com (501) 490-3812
Main Street Signs mainstreetsigns.net (909) 391-0988
National Barricade barricade.com (206) 523-4045
Osburn Signs osburns.com (800) 523-8917
Perma Line perma-line.com (508) 588 6240
Precision HWY Contractors  precisionhighway.com (406) 839-9799
Rice Signs ricesigns.com (334) 887-7040
Rocal rocal.com (740) 998-2122
Safety Products spisafety.com (863) 665-8224
Safeway Sign Company safewaysign.com (760) 246-7070
SC Signs & Supplies trafficsafetysuppliers.com (714) 254 7054
Stinson Equipment stinson.ca (905) 669-2360
Spectralite signoplus.ca (819) 378-2765
Work Zone Contractors workzonecontractors.com (856) 845-8201