Certified Digital Traffic Converter Program

The Certified Digital Traffic Converter (CDTC) program is currently available to our US and Canadian converter partners who own a TrafficJet™ Print System. CDTC members have the option of advertising their status on the Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions website.

Joining the Avery Dennison Certified Digital Traffic Converter network is the right move for your operation since it demonstrates your commitment to quality. The CDTC program is currently available to our US and Canadian converter partners who own a TrafficJet Print System.  


Certified Digital Traffic Converter Network Members

Join the CDTC Program

Take Your Digital Print Operation to the Next Level 

By owning a 
TrafficJet™ Print System, the industry's best-selling digital print system for compliant traffic signs, you have already taken the first step of eligibility. Annually, certified members must demonstrate capability by successfully completing a process audit and providing a verification print sample as directed by your Avery Dennison Technical Service Representative.  

Upon certification, your business will receive the Certified Digital Traffic Converter package, which includes:

  • Framed display certificate
  • Documentation to provide to your customers confirming your status
  • Access to a portal of digital marketing collateral to assist you in promoting your new CDTC status and digitally printed traffic signs
  • The option to list your business on this page

The certification process audit is provided to new qualified TrafficJet owners free of charge for the first year. Annual re-certification audit, including a new verification print sample, can be included at no additional cost as part of an extended warranty service plan or provided at a minimal charge.