A History Shaped by Values

Avery Dennison reflective technology has been making highway and street safety solutions bright with prismatic signs for nearly one hundred years. We are one of the preferred suppliers to professional sign shops worldwide and service the traffic and safety market with one of the industry's most comprehensive range of reflective sheeting.

Inventing an Industry

1923 - 1936

  • Jonathan Cass Simson (Stimsonite) patents array of full cube-corner reflectors for use in automatibles and signs

  • First prismatic sign installed, incorporating glass prismatic elements into wood sign

  • Ford incorporates Stimsonite prismatic tail light lenses into Model A

  • Use of retroreflective materials on highway signs recognized in 1st edition of U.S. Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices

1950 - 1995

  • "Button" retroreflective units become widely used on highway signs

  • Avery Dennison makes first engineer grade beaded sheeting

  • Stimsonite 4200 - first omnidirectional prismatic material for permanent traffic signage

  • Stimsonite 6200 (now T-6500) Series HIP Type III/IV - omnidirectional sheeting

1999 - 2010

  • Avery dennison and Stimsonite merge, combining glass-bead and prismatic technologies

  • T-7500 MVP (long site distances) and T-9500 OmniView (wide angle) omnidirectional sheeting

  • Avery Dennison OmniCube T-11500 - Industry’s first and only omnidirectional full-cube prismatic sheeting

2012 - 2017

  • OL-2000 soft transparent easy-weed overlay film

  • Introduction of the TrafficJet Print System - true specification-compliant and industry-leading warranted digital traffic sign printing introduced to traffic industry

  • Avery Dennison launches VisiFlex prismatic vinyl sheeting for the production of emergency vehicle graphics


Stan Avery, The Gentle Giant