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TrafficJet™ Print System

The TrafficJet Print System is the No. 1 selling, most accepted digital traffic sign printer for specification-compliant and warranted traffic signs around the globe.

With the revolutionary CMSpot6 configuration, TrafficJet produces durable signs for traffic safety, wayfinding, or general graphic applications. TrafficJet is the only digital traffic sign system 100% backed by a single supplier. Avery Dennison provides the installation, printer, ink, sheeting, overlay, laminator, and service support—so there is no question of who to call or who guarantees your sign performance. It is our system, our warranty, and your peace of mind.

Digitally Printed Traffic Sign Guide



TrafficJet™ Pro

TrafficJet Pro is the next revolution in traffic sign printing.

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TrafficJet™ Xpert

TrafficJet Xpert is built on the Mutoh XpertJet printer platform and optimized for traffic signage, work zone applications, and custom graphics.

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The TrafficJet print system gives you greater flexibility and the power to create long-lasting signage easily and more creatively—just what you've been waiting for.

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TrafficJet™ Plus

Built on the award winning Mutoh ValueJet 1638, the TrafficJet digital printer offers a substantial piece of production equipment with a relatively small footprint and low operating cost.

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The TrafficJet Laminator is purposely engineered to provide industry leading production capability through trouble-free lamination of our protective overlay films to the surface of printed sign faces and images.

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Plotter Cutters

Once you’ve completed the printing and laminating steps, you’ll need to cut out the individual signs. To save time, labor costs and improve accuracy, plotter cutters are available from Avery Dennison.

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FlexiSIGN & PRINT Version 12 (OEM Edition) gives you the power to design new sign files, including print and cut capabilities.

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