Digital Printing—A Sustainable Solution

Modernize your sign shops with a clean, environmentally friendly solution.

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Reduce Waste
Material and Water

Eliminate overlay waste common with computer cut signs

Nest signs to maximize sheeting

Replace signs less often with increased durability and anti-graffiti film

How much water could our industry save with digital printing?

Reducing water waste is a challenge for sign shops that use screen printing. If the traffic sign industry completely converted to digital printing, we would save a significant amount of water.

2 Weeks
​Los Angeles

Meet the drinking water needs for over 2 weeks

3 Weeks

Meet the drinking water needs for over 3 weeks

1  Month

Meet the drinking water needs for 1 month

2.5 Months
San Francisco

Meet the drinking water needs for 2.5 months

Reuse Signs

Stop Costly Replacements

Replace your traffic signs less often with the industry’s longest sign warranties at up to 15 years. With our anti-graffiti protective overlaminate, maintenance crews can simply clean traffic signs of vandalism instead of replacing.

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The first digital printer that can truly eliminate the need for screen printing for high-volume traffic sign printing.

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