Join the Movement with TrafficJet™ Pro

Inspired by the industry demand for sustainable traffic sign production and improved sign durability, TrafficJet Pro eliminates the traditionally wasteful and hazardous screen printing process. With print quality and service excellence you’ve come to expect from Avery Dennison, TrafficJet Pro is now the most productive traffic sign printing system and continues leading the digital print revolution.

Key Features

  • Reduce waste from hazardous screen printing
  • Fastest and most productive traffic sign print system
  • Industrial dual roll print system with print speeds up to 850 ft2 (79 m2) / hour
  • Global compliance


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The Industry Asked
Is there a more sustainable way to quickly manufacture durable, longer lasting traffic signs?

Free from the exposure to high VOC solvents from screen print ink and cleaning fluids?

Free from the mess of screen cleaning stations and the contaminated waste water flow they generate?

Free from landfill waste generated from discarded matrix and application tapes associated with computer cut films?

We Delivered
​A sustainable replacement for wasteful and hazardous screen printing

Eliminate Screen Printing with TrafficJet Pro

Screen printing is the most common method of printing traffic signs world-wide. Once unrivaled in speed and mass production, screenprinting now takes a seat as TrafficJet Pro rises to meet the industry need for fast and sustainable traffic sign production.


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High speed printing enabling sign fabricators to walk away from the complexity of screen printing

Signs that could be reused, instead of replaced when vandalized

Longer lasting signs with stretched replacement cycles, lessen exposure to traffic by sign crews and reducing pressure on maintenance budgets


The Industry’s Fastest Digital Traffic Sign Printer
Up to 850 sqft/hour (79sqm/hour)

Ultraviolet, Ultra Fast

UV-LED inks and curing means faster sign production with the ability for immediate lamination—no dwell times needed.

Dual Roll Production

Independent dual clutch roll system allows for simultaneous printing on two different rolls—up to 100 yards each.

Simple Maintenance

TrafficJet Pro utilizes quick and easy head cleanings to keep your print operation up and running without the messy cleaning and unnecessary waste of screen printing.

True Traffic Color™

Specially formulated by Avery Dennison, True Traffic Color spot inks come with the industry's longest warranty when printed on Avery Dennison sheeting with protective overlay.

The Revolution Continues
With TrafficJet Pro

The revolution started by Avery Dennison in 2013 has advanced traffic sign printing to a new standard of speed and simplicity. Connect with an Avery Dennison Digital Printing Expert to learn if this printer is the right fit for your sign shop. Get your questions answered and explore new solutions for traffic sign printing with Avery Dennison.

Contact a Digital Print Expert

Single Point of Contact
For Your Entire Printing Process

TrafficJet is the only digital traffic sign system 100% backed by a single supplier. Avery Dennison provides the installation, printer, ink, sheeting, overlay, laminator, and service support—so there is no question of who to call or who guarantees your sign performance. It is our system, our warranty, and your peace of mind. Avery Dennison is the trusted leader in digital printing for the traffic industry.

Take a Closer Look



Print method

Drop-on demand, piezo drive method

Number of nozzles

(1328 × 2 rows) × 6 staggered heads

Ink type

TrafficJet™ Pro UV spot colors and Magenta


Liquid cooled LED

Color configuration

True Traffic Color™ spot inks

Number of print heads


Traffic sign resolution

605 × 1200dpi

Traffic sign print speed

Up to 850 sf/hr (79 sqm/hr) with two rolls
Up to 635 sf/hr (59 sqm/hr) with one roll

Maximum media width

Capable of printing two 64" (162,56cm) rolls or one 128” (320 cm roll)


FlexiPRINT Avery Dennison Edition

Power requirements

Voltage: 220V, single phase circuit, 32A, 50–60Hz
Connector type 240V 32A 3P plug

Operating temperature

67ºF–79ºF / 19ºC–26ºC

Operating humidity range



19’ (585cm) × 3.8’ (115cm) × 6’ (180cm)

Weight (printer)

Printer: 4,629lbs (2,099kg)

Limited Warranty

1 year