Durable Eco-Solvent Spot Color Inks

To meet the specific requirements of the traffic sign industry, Avery Dennison engineered special spot color inks that can deliver consistent and durable traffic signs, which can be warranted up to twelve years depending on the sheeting series.

What is a Spot Color?

Spot Color Inks


Spot colors are specially formulated inks engineered to produce a specific single traffic color, compliant with industry specifications. TrafficJet spot color printing inks have a molecular structure based on tested pigments from our screen print inks.         CMYK printers layer the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to produce a range of colors. Though it allows for more color options, the pigments are not designed for the standards and durability of the traffic industry.

How does it work?

Just like screen printing, a single traffic color is deposited onto the sheeting. However, TrafficJet spot color inks are designed for precise delivery through an inkjet printhead.               Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks are drawn from multiple channels and layered on the sheeting in differing ratios to produce a range of tones and hues.

What are Eco-Solvents inks?

Eco-solvents inks are inks that have considerably fewer solvents than traditional screen printing inks. An eco-solvent ink is composed of a carefully tuned balance of solvents, pigments, and binders, designed to be delivered through an inkjet printer. Because eco-solvent inks are designed for the exact process of inkjet printing and do not require the messy handling of screen printing, the amount of solvent necessary is greatly reduced.


How do Eco-Solvents work?

Most of the color and durability performance of inks are attributed to the pigments and binders. The solvent is mostly a carrier for these critical elements, and ensures proper viscosity. Additionally, the solvent primes the sheeting surface enabling the binders to take hold. The solvent then evaporates. Digital printing and eco-solvent inks drastically reduce or eliminate exposure to solvent fumes compared to traditional screen printing inks.


Proven Performance

TrafficJet uses the same durable and high quality pigment technology as our overlay film and screen inks.

Colored Overlay Film               Screen Printing Ink               TrafficJet™ Print System
Overlay film is composed of long acrylic polymer chains that make it extremely stable when exposed to the elements.               Screen inks use the same pigments and acrylic binding as colored overlay film but the polymer chains are much shorter to reduce viscosity at room temperature.               TrafficJet uses the same pigments and acrylic binding, but in a thinner and more precise application. To ensure durability over time and prevent erosion, a clear overlay is required.

Weather Tested Durability

The real test of durability for a traffic sign is how well it can withstand natural weathering, including rain, humidity, and UV exposure. To simulate these conditions, the traffic industry uses outdoor accelerated weathering and artificial xenon weathering. TrafficJet inks have been rigorously and successfully weathered by testing laboratories around the world, making TrafficJet the most widely approved digital printing system for traffic sign fabrication.

TrafficJet Eco-Solvent Red Ink

Red ink has traditionally been the traffic color with the largest color shift or ΔE in long-term weathering. In a direct comparison, TrafficJet performs considerably better than screen printing when tested in accordance with ASTM requirements.

Before Weathering After ASTM Weathering

The graph below compares data on the red 4930 silkscreen ink, to the red TrafficJet eco-solvent spot ink, before and after independent weathering in a Xenon chamber by Calcoast Industrial Testing Laboratory per ASTM D 4956-13 Method I. The difference in ΔE, which measures shift in color, shows that the eco-solvent spot inks used in the TrafficJet™ Print System are up to 5 times more resistant to color shift when compared to the proven 4930 silkscreen ink series.


CMSpot6: Combining TrafficJet Spot Colors with CMYK Inks

The traffic sign industry continues to see greater demand for more sophisticated signage. With this demand comes a need for greater sign durability—particularly signs that include agency logos and other custom colored images that help create identity or guide visitors to tourist venues. See how Avery Dennison CMSpot6 inks meet this demand by clicking here.

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