Demand More From Your Traffic Signs


Traffic signs that were once difficult, expensive or not possible to produce in the past are now possible with the TrafficJet™. Government agencies need to be demanding more from their signs.


Discover an easier sign making process with TrafficJet.

Current State of Traffic Sign Industry

Traffic signs continue to be made the same ways as they have for the last 40 years - with screen printing and computer cut overlay films. This is because digital printing inks in the graphics market could not meet the durability and retroreflectivity requirements for safe traffic signs.

These processes only allow sign fabricators to produce signs in a few specific ways, each of which have limitations. When signs with special features have been demanded, such as logos, dates and security marks, they often demanded a higher price tag due to the complexity of production for the sign fabricator.

This in turn, has increased costs or limited the expectations of government agencies for signs with advanced features, until now. TrafficJet has created an environment in which traffic signs that have rich features, and that meet retroreflectivity and durability requirements, are now possible to produce in a more cost-effective way.

Impact of Your Signs

The traffic signs you use in your community make a difference. A high quality community signing program should incorporate each of these characteristics. You can and should expect these characteristics from the signs you produce or purchase for the community you serve.

Branding & Tourism   Feature Rich Images
  Long-Term Durability   Quality Guarantee
Discover the impact TrafficJet can have on your Tourism signage.   Improve citizen experience with rich features in local signage.   Allow TrafficJet printed signs to offer the right durability and retroreflectivity.   TrafficJet signs are backed by a 12 year warranty.

Citizens and tourists have high expectations when they visit your community. Effective wayfinding and signing program can help improve safety and perception.


Signage with feature rich images are more eye-catching than standard single color signs. This can improve the experience for your citizens and visitors.


Traffic signs are safety devices, first and foremost. Not all digitally printed signs are created equal. Make sure you are getting the right durability and retroreflectivity in your signs.


You need to know that your signs are going to last. Avery Dennison TrafficJet signs are backed by the industry's leading warranty, up to 12 years.


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