Unlimited Design Possibilities with Industry Leading Durability

Agencies looking to create unique community identity by including colorful images on their street name and other specialty signs have had to limit their creativity to standard highway colors, or accept the compromise of the shorter life of process colors. This until now.

Avery Dennison's CMSpot6 is the latest revolutionary development in traffic sign digital printing that eliminates design and durability compromises - creating unlimited design possibilities. And TrafficJet™ with CMSpot6 is the only industry printer with this combination of durable spot and process colors. The result - a 37% larger color gamut and industry-leading durability. Up to 12 years on standard highway colors, and 10 years on process colors1.


1Please refer to “Warranty for Printing with Avery Dennison TrafficJet Print System in CMSpot6 Configuration” for complete details.

The Old Way






Traditional ink configuration allowed for CMYK cartridges plus four traffic spot colors. Users would have to choose which four of the six traffic colors they wanted to use for traffic sign printing. This process also limited the warranty of the process colors to just 3-7 years. 

Remove, Replace, Rethink Possibilities





What if there was a way to better capitalize on the durability of TrafficJet spot yellow and black by actually using them in place of the Y and K in a traditional CMYK ink set?

The New Way




CMSpot6 eliminates the Y and K colors from a CMYK ink set, and replaces them with spot yellow and black with dual roles to print specification-compliant traffic signs, and blends them with cyan and magenta for custom colored images. In addition, by opening up two more ink bays, all six highway spot colors can be loaded with cyan and magenta for unlimited design and print possibilities.


Convenience, Improved Color, and Industry Leading Warranties

Avery Dennison CMSpot6 ends the compromise over color selection and sign durability. The proven performance of spot yellow and black when combined with our cyan and magenta process colors not only extends color gamut by 37%, it also gives you peace of mind with our industry-leading sign warranties:

• Up to 12 years for MUTCD signs, based on sheeting type
• Up to 10 years for non-MUTCD custom color images based on sheeting type



TrafficJet printers installed after October 2016 come standard with CMSpot6.  If you already own a TrafficJet and are interested in upgrading to CMSpot6, contact Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions for details.  

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