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Introducing faster digital print speeds with TrafficJet™ Plus

The new TrafficJet™ Plus provides faster print speeds, reduced ink consumption, and greater value. TrafficJet is built on a proven printer platform and optimized for traffic signage, work zone applications and custom graphics. With signs warranted up to 15 years, Avery Dennison's innovation continues to push the boundaries of digital traffic sign printing. 

Digital printing with TrafficJet requires less space, equipment and inventory than traditional printers for traffic sign methods, allowing fabricators to do more with less. TrafficJet can nest traffic signs of various types, sizes, and colors across the full sheeting width, allowing you to reduce raw traffic sign material cost and streamline operations by keeping fewer sheeting widths and colors in inventory.

The printer includes modifications specific to the needs of the traffic control industry but can also be used for the production of non-traffic graphic applications.

Key Features

  • Compact printer, featuring proven technology
  • Speed and quality – the real combination of both
  • Cost-effective durable inks for long term outdoor and indoor applications
  • Staggered dual head setup with latest generation 1440 nozzle piezo heads
  • Mutoh i² Intelligent Interweaving and new DropMaster technology

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TrafficJet Plus

To increase your print sign production speeds, choose the TrafficJet Plus. The TrafficJet Plus printer includes an integrated dryer for fast print speeds up to 162 f2/hour while reducing ink consumption providing a superior cost-to-print speed ratio.

Contact your local Avery Dennison rep for local availability outside of North America.

TrafficJet™ Plus Printer Product Overview (NA)





The standard digital printer model is the TrafficJet. The TrafficJet printer is an affordable printer loaded with professional features to enhance any traffic sign shop with speeds up to 87.5 f2/hour.

TrafficJet™ Printer Product Overview (NA)

TrafficJet™ Printer Product Overview (EU)



Industry Leading Durability

Adding a digital printer to your sign shop improves your sign-making production and results in a superior finished product. Digitally printed signs made with the TrafficJet printer’s durable inks and OL-1000 Anti-graffiti overlay provide the industry's longest durability at up to 15 years.

Read more about TrafficJet durability in the Digital Sign Warranty.

Digital Sign Warranty (NA)

Digital Sign Warranty (EMEA)

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