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A New Standard in Traffic Signs

CMSpot6™ Inks + OL1000 Anti-Graffiti Film: Protection and longer sign life.

  • 15 year warranty on T11500 OmniCube™
    full cube, ASTM Type XI, Class RA3

  • 12 year warranty on T6500 HIP
    ASTM Type IV, Class R2/RA2

  • 12 year warranty on T7500B
    Class RA3  
  • 12 year warranty on T7500 MVP
    ASTM Type VIII, Class RA3

  • 10 year warranty on printed custom colors

  • Graffiti cleanability comes standard

Sign shops and governments around the world trust the combination of field-proven Avery Dennison retroreflective sheeting, durable TrafficJet™ inks, OL1000 anti-graffiti overlay film, our new standard protection for permanent traffic signs.

Why anti-graffiti film? For starters, it prevents typical marking pen, paint, and sticker adhesive from penetrating the surface, allowing easy removal. Built in UV inhibitors extend the life of the sheeting and ink. Even if you never experience vandalism, this single layer of film means extended sign life—saving you time and money with longer replacement cycle.

Digital Sign Warranty (NA)

Digital Sign Warranty (EMEA)

Anti-Graffiti Film is Standard

Sign vandalism is costly and dangerous. In communities all over the world we see paint pens, spray paint and stickers covering critical permanent traffic signs, parking signs and other wayfinding signs. In addition to spending millions a year nationally on replacement and cleaning, communities are also at risk of increased accidents when the signs are illegible.

Learn more about the benefits of OL1000 and request a sample of a digitally printed traffic sign with anti-graffiti overlay film- the new standard in traffic signs.




OL1000 Anti Graffiti Overlay

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