Conspicuity Markings for Vehicles

With evolving regulatory requirements around the world to improve nighttime vehicle recognition, we offer high-visibility prismatic and glass bead tape and sheeting products designed to meet these demands for trucks, trailers, service vehicles, rail cars, slow-moving vehicles, buses and emergency vehicles.

Research has documented that vehicle conspicuity tape improves vehicle safety through accident avoidance and reduction in accident severity. Increased safety results in reduced liability payments and additional savings for your fleet.

Avery Dennison offers a complete line of films for fleet graphics and conspicuity tapes, designed for easy vehicle detection at dawn, dusk and night. Our products are ideal for a variety of applications, including, fleet vehicles, school buses, farm implements and slow moving vehicles.

Solid vs. Air-Celled Construction
Avery Dennison’s reflective tape is built with solid construction instead of air-celled construction like other brands. Solid construction conspicuity tape is more durable and long-lasting.

AAR Approved Comparison Panel Kit

With Avery Dennison's comparison panel kit, maintenance crews can quickly and economically evaluate retroreflective performance of the conspicuity tape in compliance with AAR specifications and guidelines.

Learn about the AAR specification and Avery Dennison's comparison panel kit. 



Vehicle Safety Graphics