AAR Approved Comparison Panel Kit

Retroreflective conspicuity tape on the sides of railcars improves motorist safety at railroad crossings. 

With Avery Dennison's comparison panel kit, maintenance crews can quickly and economically evaluate retroreflective performance of railroad reflective tape in compliance with AAR specifications and guidelines.

Comparison Panel Kit

Approved by the AAR, Avery Dennison's comparison panels feature sheeting calibrated to exact minimum retroreflectivity requirements for use across all brands of reflective tape. It's applied to a sturdy 4” x 4” aluminum panel for easy use on a harsh surface with a magentic backing for easy application.

Each comparison panel is manufactured and calibrated to the retroreflective level specified in AAR Standard S-916, Retroreflective Comparator Panel Requirements.

AAR Panel Kits Include:

• Durable Pelican™ case
• Comparison panel with aluminum and magnetic backing
• Microfiber cloth
• Handling & usage guide


Frequently Asked Questions

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Solid Vs Air-Celled Construction

Avery Dennison’s reflective tape is built with solid construction instead of air-celled construction like other brands. Solid construction conspicuity tape is more durable and long-lasting. Learn more about this important feature including how they affect durability, reflectivity and safety.



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