OmniCube™ Retroreflective Prismatic Sheeting

Avery Dennison has taken reflective sheeting to the next level in performance and safety. OmniCube™ full-cube sheeting provides higher reflectivity and a more cost-effective production solution.

The robust performance characteristics of Avery Dennison OmniCube™ full cube reflective sheeting make it the perfect choice for applications requiring high reflectivity at both long and short distances. Its full cube prisms are nearly 100 percent efficient – returning approximately 60 percent of the available light back to the driver, compared to only 40 percent light returned with most other prismatic sheetings. 

Using intelligent cube technology, OmniCube sheeting is engineered with a broad array of full cubes with angles tailored to meet the unique needs of drivers in different vehicle types. It precisely aligns the cubes in multiple orientations to delivery consistent performance – whether reaching a car, truck, sport utility vehicle or motorcycle.

OmniCube™ Technology Overview


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