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Temporary Traffic Control Sheeting

When conditions require temporary traffic control devices to warn drivers of roadway construction and to keep workers safe, we offer a comprehensive range of reflective sheeting for signs and work zone products for optimal visibility in hazardous work areas.

Construction work zones create safety challenges for motorists and workers unlike no other condition on the highway. The complications of changing work conditions that affect traffic flow demand effective traffic control signage to safely alert motorists day and night, and under all weather conditions.

Choose Avery Dennison when conditions require temporary traffic control devices for proper delineation. Fluorescent orange sheeting with bright daytime color enhances sign visibility during the day—especially during the hours of dawn and dusk. And at night, our full line of prismatic sign sheetings, reboundable drum and prestripped barricade sheeting will satisfy the most demanding needs for conspicuity.

Temporary Traffic Control Product Data Bulletins

Reflective Solutions Catalog (NA)

Reflective Solutions Catalog (EU)

Pre-Striped Barricade Sheeting

Whether you are closing a sidewalk or multi-lane highway, pre-striped barricade sheeting provides superior reflectivity and durability to handle the toughest roadway conditions. 

Pre-striped barricade sheeting is supplied with alternating orange and white, or red and white stripes at a 45-degree diagonal. Available in 4" and 6" wide stripes, and in Engineer, High Intensity Prismatic, and OmniCube™ series.

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Pre-Striped Barricade Product Overview

Reboundable Sheeting

Reboundable sheeting is designed for high reflectivity, flexibility, and with abrasion resistance to provide superior performance in demanding work zones.

Work Zone Reboundable sheeting from Avery Dennison is available in High Intensity Prismatic WR-6100 series, and WR-7100 series which includes fluorescent orange. New to the temporary traffic control portfolio, WR-7100M series includes a solid layer construction that resists the dirt, grime, and moisture that often destroys air-celled reflective sheeting, causing a critial loss of reflectivity. 

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WR-7100 Series Product Overview

WR-7100M Solid Layer Reboundable Product Overview

Roll-up Retroreflective Film

Avery Dennison's new OmniBrite™ WU-7000 Series film is ideal for short term work zones, utility work areas, and incident management crews. Exceeding ASTM D4956 Type VI requirements, WU-7000 bridges the performance gap. For superior day and night performance, WU-7000 is a smart investment in worker and roadway safety.

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OmniBrite™ WU-7000 Series Product Overview


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