Quality and Safety

Today's modern traffic signs reflective years of design, human factors testing, and incorporate sophisticated microprismatic retroflective sheeting. The inks and overlays are formulated to work in tandem with the chemistry of the retroreflective sheeting to provide a careful balance of pigment, binders, and UV agents that achieve compliance with industry specification and durability expectations. As important as the selection of sign components are, the manner in which they are applied to the sheeting during the fabrication process is equally critical. 

Demand the Best

By asking for an Avery Dennison Certified Digital Traffic Converter (CDTC) on your next purchase, you can be sure your signs are fabricated by expert trained operators capable of producing specification compliant traffic signs exceeding the highest performance standards. 

When you buy signs from a Certified Digital Traffic Converter you will receive:

Recommended sign components warranted for up to 12 years by Avery Dennison  

Recommended equipment, including the Avery Dennison TrafficJet™ Print System with CMSpot6™ technology

Supply chain audits for compliance with proper component usage

Annual audit to verify continued adherence to retroreflectivity, color, and overall appearance

A valid Certification of Conformance provided by Avery Dennison as proof of expertise

CDTC membership requires adherence to strict quality standards. Ask for a valid Certification of Conformance to ensure you are working with a trusted CDTC Professional. 


Get Started 

Require signs be made by a CDTC professional by adding the following competitive language to your next purchasing contract:

"Signs shall be produced by a CDTC™, or equal, converter certified by the reflective sheeting manufacturer. A valid certification of conformance showing the converter has been audited by the sheeting manufacturer and is capable of producing digitally printed compliant traffic signs shall be made available upon request."

See a list of Certified Digital Traffic Converters members.  

Make it Last

Digital printing provides the ability to unobtrusively add valuable information in the border of a traffic sign. Simplify maintenance and strengthen warranty obligations by requiring information such as sheeting manufacturer identification, sheeting type, fabrication date. Don't forget that adding your agency name may also help deter theft, and assist law enforcement in recovery and prosecution efforts. 



Buy Specification Compliant Traffic Signs

Are you a public agency interested in learning more about the CDTC program? Download our agency brochure for more details.

Are you a sign converter interested in learning the benefits of the program? 

Ready to buy signs from a certified converter? See a list of CDTC network members who are certified and advertising their membership on our website.

Have questions about the program? Contact Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions.