TrafficJet™ Software

FlexiPRINT 19 Avery Dennison Edition software gives you the power to design sign files with print and cut capabilities. 

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In partnership with SA International (SAi), Avery Dennison has designed a user-friendly sign-making software to improve the user-experience for operators printing with the TrafficJet digital printer. Connected to the Avery Dennison Reflective website, you will have easy access to instructional documents, support videos and more. 

Key Features:

  • A user interface optimized for traffic sign production
  • Ink estimation tool that provides realistic ink usage for specific projects and is optimized for CMSpot6™ set up
  • Quickly make a series of numbers, text or interactive media
  • An error proof interface to help ensure production of compliant signs
  • Available in different versions based on your production needs

Spot Color Mapping Tool Features:

  • RGB/CMYK/Lab to Spot Color Mapping creates an easier mapping experience between current or national sign databases by automatically mapping to the CMSpot6 Ink Setup. This prevents a lot of manual work reassigning Spot Colors or using expensive third-party color mapping software.
  • Spot Color to Spot Color Mapping will automatically map your existing art library to Traffic Spot Colors, or if colors are moved from one spot location to another

For more information visit or request a TrafficJet demo.