Reflective Sheeting & Protective Overlays

The TrafficJet™ Print System utilizes the same Avery Dennison retroreflective sheeting you now use for screen printing and computer cut sign fabrication.  Unlike other systems that require you to inventory "digital-only" sheetings, you'll quickly appreciate the simplicity, convenience, and flexibility this allows in your shop.  Add our durable TrafficJet™ Inks, and Avery Dennison clear OL-1000 Anti-Graffiti or OL-2000 overlay films to produce durable traffic signs that are warranted up to 12 years* on the road.


*Please see warranty information for details.

Retroreflective Sheeting

Avery Dennison offers a full range of reflective sheetings to suit your specific application, all with high reflectivity and long-lasting durability when protected with our clear overlay.  Only Avery Dennison reflective traffic sign material films are warranted with the TrafficJet™ Print System.  Find the full selection of sheeting options on the product finder page.


Save time, money, and hassle by nesting your sign prints.

Avery Dennison reflective sheeting is designed to be omni-directional, meaning that it provides uniform visual performance at multiple rotations. This not only enhances roadway safety but it is also smarter for sign manufacturers.  It allows signs to be grouped and "nested" together in a single print job, fitting together like pieces in a puzzle.


Nesting Signs

The omni-directionality of Avery Dennison reflective sheeting allows you to nest signs.

Because Avery Dennison reflective sheeting has a uniform appearance and retroreflectivity, signs can be rotated in any direction on the sheeting and maintain uniform performance. This allows fabricators to use the Flexi DX software to nest jobs - minimizing waste and maximizing the utilization of sheeting.

TrafficJet Flexi DX Rip - nesting signs

Protective Overlay

The combination of Avery Dennison reflective sheeting with Avery Dennison protective overlay film, produces durable traffic signs that can be warranted up to 12 years. For UV protection proven in some of the harshest environments on the planet, choose Avery Dennison OL-2000 overlay. For added protection in areas with frequent sign "tagging" use Avery Dennison OL-1000 anti-graffiti overlay.

OL-1000: Anti-Graffiti + UV Protection         OL-2000: UV Protection
Weathering Protection         Weathering Protection
Anti-Graffiti         High Gloss
High Gloss         Clear (No Distortion)
Clear (No Distortion)          

Winning Combination

The TrafficJet™ Print System is designed to produce durable specification compliant traffic signs and is the product of over 80 years of innovation. Sign shops and governments around the world trust the combination of field-proven Avery Dennison retroreflective and overlay films with durable TrafficJet™ inks to produce traffic signs that are warranted for up to 12 years.

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