Certified Digital Traffic
Converter Program

As a member of the Certified Digital Traffic Converter (CDTC) network, you have access to technical, marketing, and regulatory tools to leverage your TrafficJet advantage. Being a Certified Digital Traffic Converter provides your customers confidence that you are using a leading digital print system capable of producing specification compliant traffic signs, warranted by Avery Dennison. 

Certified Digital Traffic Converters Meet these Criteria

CDTC members meet demanding quality criteria set by Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions. In order to become certified, converters must have had their TrafifcJet™ Print System professionally installed by a certified Avery Dennison Technician. CDTC TrafficJet operators have received training from Avery Dennison technicians, and maintain machine settings capable of producing specification compliant and warranted traffic signs.

In order to obtain a certification, converters submit printed validation samples passing retrorefectivity, color and overall appearance as tested by Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions' quality laboratory.

Once these criteria are met, converters are provided a valid Certification of Compliance that they can provide to their public agency customers as proof of their expertise in digitally printed traffic signs. 



A Sign of Quality and Safety

Not all digital print platforms produce specification compliant traffic signs meeting the safety needs of the highway industry. CDTC membership is a positive recognition that your shop conforms to processes that result in high-quality, compliant signage.



Why Become a Certified Digital Traffic Converter?

Show customers that you do it right! Proudly advertise your Certification of Conformance and request your customers demand the same from other suppliers. Your membership authorizes your business to use CDTC branding and other promotional materials.


Ready to Take your Digital Print Operation to the Next Level?

Joining the Avery Dennison Certified Digital Traffic Converter network is the right move for your operation since it demonstrates your commitment to quality. 

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